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Are you tired from surveys form filling? don’t worry guys today I will solve your problem with the amazing method. I am going to teach you about how to bypass surveys. so don’t go anywhere. let’s take a look.

What is Surveys?

the internet is growing day by day. Every day people use the internet to get information, files, media, etc., So many brands taking interest in digital marketing. nowadays Advertising companies invest more money in digital marketing. there are so many ways digital companies promote their brand. surveys are the cheapest way to analyze the industries. that’s why many promoters post their surveys on the internet. while we browse the site for downloading some videos, movies, songs, and another file, you may redirect to the survey page to fill your information with contact and email address.

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bypass surveys

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this is a simple way to collect information and used for advertising. after the fillup survey website owner sends your data to marketing companies. they analyze what is your thought about the product. they send spammy emails to promote their products. it is so ridiculous when our inbox is full of spammy emails. if you unsubscribe the service they still send you a message. our inbox spoiled with these bad emails. sometime while browsing the web page you may redirect to a porn site or product ads site. this is so shameful and embarrassing. this is so ridiculous. if you are finding the way to bypass surveys to stay away from the virus then this article is best for you.

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How to bypass surveys to stay safe and save our time. there are so many surveys bypass tools available on the internet. here I listed the best tools to remove automatically any surveys without any issue. I guaranteed you these tools definitely help you.

1. Best Bypass Surveys Online Tools

[A]. Remove surveys with online tool

bypass surveys

Bypass survey is an online tool to skip any survey pages and get the file to download. you just need to paste URL in the form and press the go button. the tool automatically proceeds your webpage and give you the results within a couple of minutes. it is a totally free tool. you are able to bypass surveys easily. Now this day this site redirects to malicious sites so please don’t use this site when you redirect on other pages. this is was work perfectly in the past.

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[B]. Using  XJZ Survey Remover Bookmarklet

XJZ Survey Bookmarklet

XJZ Survey remover is a site free to use. you just need to save this site with the bookmark option. how to do this stuff please follow the below content.

  • first, visit the XJZ survey remover official site. Now click on star icon that available on the right side of the URL bar.
  • now visit the survey site and click on the XJZ survey remover bookmarked link that you saved previously.
  • the tool will automatically recognize the site and bypass the surveys page.
  • after the process, the sites give you original content.

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XJZ survey remover also provides a chrome extension that available free on the internet. this only works if the survey site provides content and file after removing surveys. the tool is small but really helpful.

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2. Survey Remover – Best Bypass Surveys Software

Survey remover allows you to bypass surveys to get premium content. it’s totally free to use. you can bypass any surveys on sites like share cash, fileice, dollaercash, cpalead etc., it gives you the link fastest way to download the content.


Surveyremove tool removes any content locker script. you can go any page or download without any surveys, it bypass surveys of 90% survey sites like fileice, DREAMCASH, CPALEAD, etc.,


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[B]. Survey Remover pro

survey remover pro is the best popular software to remove any survey from this site and get the file. you can download any software without any surveys. the tool supports most of the survey sites.


[C]. All in one Survey Bypass tool

this is the most widely used software. it is very easy to use. the tool designed very nicely and uniquely. you have to put URL to skip survey and press enter. now click on the download button. your files will be downloaded.


3. Chrome Extensions To Bypass Surveys



Scriptsafe is 4 stars rated the app. this extension is the most popular tool to remove surveys. tool blocks an unwanted script from the site. you don’t need to paste Url. it defines automatically and skips harmful script from the original content.

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4. Firefox Add On

[A]. Do Not Survey

if you are a firefox user then this is the best tool for you. this tool prevents unwanted surveys from this site. also, block harmful script for safety. it directly redirects to the original content that you want to go.

[B]. Redirect Bypass

it is another tool for firefox to bypass unwanted pages. it’s not only blocked surveys but also blocked unnecessary javascript. this is the best tool for safety. it works as an antivirus tool. blocked malicious sites.


all the below tools work online. all tools are available on the internet. you can download it for free. if you don’t want to download any tool. you can fill the survey with fake information. fake information works well. you can get it from a fake info generator.

Disable through Javascript is another way to stop unwanted script and surveys.  you can disable by going to setting page in chrome and firefox browser. you can get information on the developer page.

I hope this is enough information for bypass surveys. It helps to surf the internet safely.

Video Tutorial


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You should try all tool that mentioned above to find perfect for you. Most of the sites make you fool by feeling surveys. they really don’t provide you any content after feeling any surveys. so check the site is genuine or not. I hope this content is helpful to you.

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