Extratorrents proxy

As you know extratorrents is recently shut down due to provide illegal or copyright content on site. now you won’t be able to download any files from the original site. the owner creates so many clone sites to access the content but most of them terminate by government or internet service providers. you can still access through extratorrents proxy.
It helps to hide your IP address and remove the restriction to download any files.

extratorrent.cc is the biggest popular torrent site. the site was published in 2006. people use it for uploading big size files because it’s easy to upload and use unlimited storage. we also download any file without any error. it use Peer to peer technology to download media.

Extratorrent is still popular in the internet world. it has a very simple design and easy to use. the site gives advanced search options to easily find any movies, software, and files.

Note: the torrent proxy sites mentioned below are just used for informational purposes. we don’t support downloading copyright-protected content.

If you want to access extratorrents site but you don’t know how to access it then you should try extratorrents proxy sites. here I will give you the list of torrents proxy list. Most of them working correctly.

What is Extratorrents proxy

You already know that the extratorrents are banned in 2017. There are so many FIR files against these sites due to provide copyrighted content without permission. finally, the government banned this site. after the incident, there is so many Copy version created of extratorents site to access the original site. this is called cloned sites.

cloned sites also have been blocked in some countries. but you can still use it through Extratorrents proxy.  the proxy server works as an intermediate between you and site. proxy change your IP address for temporary to download the content.

You can download content below content from this site

  • Movie
  • Games
  • Software
  • Web Series

Extratorrents Proxy sites List

There are so many proxy sites available but some of them are not good for us. it may contain viruses and malware. security is necessary for this stuff. so I created the best working proxy list for safety. all proxies work very fast.

  1. https://extratorrents.ch
  2. https://extratorrent.world
  3. https://extratorrents.unblockall.org
  4. https://extra.unblocked.lol
  5. https://extratorrent.cd
  6. https://extratorrent.unblocked.st
  7. https://extratorrent.immunicity.st
  8. https://extratorrent.bypassed.st
  9. https://extratorrent.ag

Copy the above link and paste it in a new tab to access the site. sometimes proxies blocked for your location. you can’t able to open it. but you can take the help of a VPN. the VPN tool use for browse anonymously by spoofing your IP address. check this amazing VPN tool for pc turbo vpn for pc

How to Access the site using VPN

  1. Open VPN tool on your device
  2. Connect with any proxy like USA, Germany
  3. now open the link in a browser
  4. you can see the site is working correctly.

Also, there are so many free VPN extensions available for Chrome and Firefox browsers. you can also use them.

Pros and cons of extratorrents


  • Simple layout with advance search
  • P2P based server
  • Upload any files easily
  • free storage


  • Sometimes redirect unwanted pages
  • Ads and popup

Alternate sites of extratorrents


Now a day this site got amazing popularity. most of the files available on this site. we clean and native design. easy navigation available. magnet download and P2P torrent feature included. you can download movies, web series, games, and software, etc.

2)The Pirate Bay 

the biggest and oldest torrent site. the site is suspended but you can access through the proxy.  the site owner is arrested for the copyrighted case. the main URL takedown for this illegal activity but its clone sites still exist on the internet.


this site is a search engine of a torrent file. it does not provide any content. it is the reason the site still exists on the internet. you can find any torrent file from this amazing search engine.


RARBG is a popular torrent site that provides Movies and tv shows. also, it provides a screenshot of movies and tv shows.you can download software, games, and movies.



when you surfing the extratorrents proxy please install the best antivirus because any torrents file is not scanned by antivirus. it may be inbuilt with some harmful viruses. so be careful when downloading files. always download after finding genuine content.


Extratorrent is the best torrent site. no one takes place of this site. the original site is not working right now. but you can use a proxy site. the site provides movies, web series, TV shows, and software. There is no guaranty to use this site for your purpose. we don’t recommend to use it. this post is only for informational purposes. you can use a VPN to secure your connection. VPN is really helpful for hiding your IP from the hacker. the hacker is mostly active on torrent sites. a hacker may be attacked on your computer. so stay away from these sites.


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