6 Most common Laptop issues and how to Fix it Instantly

It’s very common that when you are doing some work and a laptop may face some problems. Among these issues, some issues are generally happening with most people. so here we are sharing the most common problems and how to solve them instantly.

1.  Laptop Slowdown

Your laptop may run slow when you are using so much software at once. tools use all RAM space to process the task. this thing also happens when your processor and RAM are capable to handle the task process. to handle this situation you can remove temporary files from the laptop. you can also follow the below steps.

  1. Press the Windows key + R Button to Open Run Command. then type “%temp%” in the search field and click on the OK button.

  2. after appearing files, select all files by pressing the ctrl + A Button.

  3. Press the Delete button.

you can also uninstall unnecessary programs to free up space. also, you can transfer some files to an external hard disk.

2. Overheating

Overheating slowdown your laptop performance and creates a hanging issue. Sometimes it also damages the motherboard. It’s happened due to lack of space and ventilation. to prevent this problem clean the dust from the keyboard and from the side part. you can also remove the keyboard plastic cover for better air ventilation. today, there is also an available cooling pad to keep the laptop chilly. It’s recommended you update your BIOS system. because BIOS controls the hardware.

3. Battery Over Quickly

After some time your laptop’s Battery lost its charging capacity. you can not use the laptop for a long time after a couple of months. this problem happens due to our bad habits. people plug in the charging cable even after the battery is charged fully. to remember the charging alerts you can use the charging alert tool. always use the original battery and charging cable to prevent this problem. duplicate batteries don’t hold the charging for a long time.

check out our laptop repair services in Sydney for getting a quick repair of your laptop batteries.

4. Viruses or Malware

Currently, Viruses or Malware are a serious issue for safety. to get paid tools for free we download and install cracked or pirated software. with this software, Virus also be installed without your permission. it creates some serious issues with your laptop. it is very dangerous for your data and safety. it also slows down your laptop and damages the hardware. for your laptop safety, you can use a licensed version of anti-virus tools.

Please keep remember never to download any tools from unknown links or unofficial sites. always download the software of trusted sites.

5. Troubleshooting while connected to WiFi networks

If you are facing an issue while connecting to wifi Networks then you can try this solution. you can switch the Aeroplane mode once. if still you are not connected then restart the pc. sometimes Wifi drivers get lost from the laptop. you can re-install the wifi drivers from the official site. if a still problem exists you should replace the Wifi Adapter.

6. Blank Screen

Sometimes you start the computer and appear only a blank screen. to fix this problem remove the charging cable and also remove the battery. now again set the battery and press the power button. it might solve the problem if still you are stuck with this issue then it happens due to memory failure. please fix the hard disk correctly. if you do not know how to fit properly the all hardware then you should visit the laptop repair shop.

So these are the most common problem and Solutions to fix your laptop quickly. I hope you recovered your laptop. if you love this guide you can share it on social media.

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